about us

Passion. Devotion. Creative Ambition.

  • Three men: Antti, Antti and Aleksi. The guys in the photos would be the Anttis. Aleksi was probably writing something somewhere when these pictures were shot.

  • Many shorts

  • Lots of screenplays

  • Over 110 M viewers

  • Sold to Amazon Prime, ETV, Elisa Viihde

  • Thousands of evenings in theater. Few mornings too.

  • Two TV shows and more in the making. A couple of Features too.


what are we working on?

The Elves

The Elves consists of two live action non-verbal TV shows for kids. FERDIE! and Flippie's Cookbook are shown on various TV stations in Europe and on Amazon worldwide. 

Mother of the Year

Mother of the Year is the wackiest crime story you've ever read. Bet it's gonna be one of the coolest Features you've ever seen.

Short movies

Something in the Air now on Vimeo!